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What is arthroscopy?
It is a surgical procedure where the surgeon,with the help of an arthroscopic diagnoses and treats a joint problem.

What are the reasons for arthroscopic surgery?

  • Repair damage cartilage
  • Remove fragments of loose cartilage or bone
  • Drain away any excess fluid
  • Treat conditions such as arthritis, frozen shoulder,or carpal tunnel syndrome.

What are the diagnoses for the procedure?

  • Xrays
  • MRI
  • CT scan
  • Blood tests
  • Electrocardiogram(ekg)

What are the recent advances in the procedure?
Isolated areas of articular cartilage loss can be repaired using cartilage transplant technology.This process is called autologous chondrocyte grafting.It involves harvesting cartilage cells from the affected part,sending these cells to a laboratory and then culturing the cells to multiply into many cells.The large amount of cells produced are then placed back into the affected part requiring resurfacing.

Treatments done by the Arthroscopic Procedure:
• Shaving of Cartilage (Arthroscopic Menisectomy ):
It is a procedure to remove part or all of the meniscus from the tibio-femoral joint of the knee using arthroscopic surgery.In complete,the meniscus along with the meniscal rim is removed while a partial menisectomyinvolves partial removal of the,meniscus.This may vary from minor trimming of a frayed edge to anything short of removing the rim.T is a minimally invasive procedure.This procedure is done when a meniscal tear is too large to be corrected by a surgical meniscal repair.

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
The goal of the ACL Reconstruction surgery is to prevent instability and restore the function of the torn ligament,creating a stable knee and prevent injury or degeneration to other knee structures.This allows a patient to return to sports.It is done by making small incisions and inserting arthroscope through these incisions.The replacement material for ACL reconstruction are mainly used:

Auto graft (bone or tissue harvested from a patient’s body)

Allograft(Using bone or tissue from another body,either cadaver or a live donor

Bridge Enhanced ACL (a new technique known as the BEAR procedure,using a sponge filled with patients’ blood to stimulate healing and reconnection of the ACL)